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Selling a Home

There are many reasons to sell a home- you have outgrown your current home, you could save money by living in a smaller home, or maybe your career takes you elsewhere. Sometimes market conditions force a home sale and you are a candidate for a short sale.
Regardless of your situation, I can help you by analysing the current worth of your home, listing your home on the Las Vegas MLS (Multiple Listing System), aggressively marketing your home and ensuring potential buyers and their agents have access and information.

Probate Sales in Nevada and the CPRES designation

To become a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, I passed a test about typical probate guidelines and situations. I gained most of my probate knowledge from practical application; handling probate sales for people who have lost a loved one, either family or friend. I also seek out continuing education classes that focus on probate, and I consistently attend various seminars taught by attorneys who are versed in probate law. Because I'm a Real Estate broker, I only specialize in Summary & General Administration and Ancillary, since only these types of probate typically contain Real Estate.
**Summary Administration: Net estate value does not exceed $300K (as of 2017), estate contains Real and personal property. (land or a home) Nevada resident.
**General Administration: Net estate value exceeds $300K (as of 2017), estate contains Real and personal property. Nevada resident.
**Ancillary Probate: The probate of property owned in Nevada, if the decedent lived in another state.

Do you have questions about the probate process? Please contact me and if I can't answer your question, I can introduce you to a local attorney who regularly handles probate. Want to find out the value of Real Estate that needs to go through probate? Have questions about the listing/sale/court hearing and bidding process? Are you interested in buying a property that is being sold through probate and want to know how to make an offer or how you might be outbid at the probate court hearing? I have been through all of these scenarios! Please call or email me!

What is the home worth?

As a licensed NV Real Estate Agent, I can use the Las Vegas MLS to find similar homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold. Based on those comparable homes (or "comps"), we can decide on a realistic list price for your home.

Listing and Marketing

Listing is the first step, and accuracy is a must! Once you've made the decision to list your home with me, I will make sure that I have complete and accurate information about the property. To make sure that other agents and potential buyers have access to the property, I will confirm driving directions, gate codes, keybox locations and other showing requests.
Marketing the property is also of utmost importance. With your permission, an open house will bring many potential buyers to you. As many people begin their home search online, a virtual tour and current photos will also drum up some interest. I spend a lot of money advertising on Zillow.com and I am a regular contributor with a strong presence on Trulia.com.
And don't forget about my aerial photos and video from my drone- I was the first agent in Vegas to do this!

Closing the deal

Once we receive offers for the house, we'll go over your options. In the case of a short sale, the ultimate decision may be up to the bank. If you own your home outright, we'll examine the purchase contract and negotiate the best possible terms. We will promptly provide the buyers with the information they need (HOA resale package, Seller Real Property Disclosure, etc) to ensure a timely close to the transaction.


We sold your home.

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